Transit Value Index Survey

A 2021 poll analyzing Americans' public transportation expectations and behaviors post-pandemic

Data from a 2021 American Public Transportation Association (APTA) poll showed that public transit ridership dropped 79% in 2020 as compared to 2019. While these numbers are recovering, the truth is that transit riders today have different expectations than they did previously.

To understand these differences, 1,200 Americans (ages 18+) who currently use transit and/or regularly used transit before the pandemic were polled and found that transit riders are eager to get back on the road, but they’re demanding changes from transit agencies to rebuild their confidence in using public vehicles.


  • The largest near and long-term improvements that would push riders to use transit more frequently
  • Evolving rider habits, including how primary modes of transportation have changed over the past year
  • Health and safety concerns following the pandemic
  • Anticipated changes in transit's role in the return to work for commuters
  • Rider opinions on new technology adoption within transportation

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Transit Value Index Survey - Infographic