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From Fragmented to Seamless 

Season 1 Episode 32 - The San Francisco Bay Area has 8 million people jammed into nine counties, meaning it is not only ripe for public transit, but also ripe for separate fiefdoms by dozens of transit and shuttle systems. Seamless Bay Area’s Ian Griffiths thinks he knows the remedy.

It’s not just a job, it’s a community mission

Season 1 Episode 31 - Clear goals, a core value simple enough for everyone in the organization to understand, and a mindful investment in community engagement are what CEO Randy Clarke believes are the necessary elements for Austin-based CapMetro to build towards the future. 

Parking Isn’t Enough

Season 1 Episode 30 - When the International Parking Institute recognized its members managed more than just parking, CEO Shawn Conrad helped the Institute not only add Mobility to its name, but also ensure that it’s at the table for important mobility technology conversations to come.

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About The Movement

Mobility is an essential component to the vibrant, equitable, and sustainable cities of our future. To build this future, we need to do more than invest in technology. We need to invest in the people who will make the hard decisions around transportation, land use, housing, economic development, and other aspects of urban life.

Josh Cohen, National Policy Director at TransLoc, started that conversation by building relationships with and sharing ideas from today’s leaders who are imagining and implementing change. He will profile leaders who are doing the heavy lifting to make our communities better and inspire new ones to supplement them. Together, we’ll build The Movement with the goal of sparking tangible change in our communities.

Want to learn more about the conception of The Movement? Josh explains more here.

About Host Josh Cohen

Josh Cohen, host of The Movement and National Director of Policy at TransLocJosh Cohen is the host of The Movement and TransLoc's National Director of Policy. Beyond the multi-syllable words in his title, this means he touches pretty much everything that goes on at TransLoc, a remnant from Josh's experience as one of TransLoc's earliest employees.

For seven years, Josh helped TransLoc grow from 5 customers to 120 customers as TransLoc's Director of Business Development. Prior to TransLoc, Josh was CEO of DomoLife, a real-estate services business, and VP of Turnkey Sports, a sports business consultancy. When not chasing his three kids around the Bull City, North Carolina, Josh enjoys roasting his own coffee and smoking his own barbeque. 

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