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The MicroTransit Simulator White Paper

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When it comes to creating flexible demand response transit solutions, one of the biggest challenges facing transit agencies is flying blind. Having the data and information you’re missing with detailed predictions of successful microtransit opportunities are worth their weight in gold.

Take the first step by downloading this white paper. You’ll learn about:
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of trial and error by creating virtual simulations that address your specific needs.
  • How to create “what if” scenarios that realistically identify viable microtransit opportunities before putting a single vehicle on the road.
  • How to predict and plan for microtransit demand and service requirements with much greater confidence.
  • How to address pressing questions such as:
    • What will the rider experience (such as wait and ride times) be with this service?
    • Which locales and how many rides can we serve with a given number of vehicles?
    • If the demand is twice what we anticipate, what would that mean in terms of rider experience? How many vehicles would we have to add to serve twice the demand while maintaining service quality? Would that increase our cost per trip?
    • What is the relationship between service quality and service cost?
    • How best to design a service that delivers an optimal rider experience while mitigating risk.
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