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A New Approach to Transportation Planning & Flexible Mobility That Brings Students Together.

Prior to the pandemic, students were relying less and less on food halls and shared amenity spaces, diminishing the sense of community that these common spaces created.  The COVID-19 crisis accelerated this trend, leaving academic institutions to grapple with the problem of how to bring students back together and re-ignite university communities.

In this recorded session, we discuss a number of ways in which universities are beginning to tackle this issue, including:

  • Prioritizing access to common spaces in the heart of campus
  • Deploying new approaches to transportation planning and operations
  • Adopting flexible on-demand options with more accessible locations to provide complete curb-to-curb experiences.

These strategies offer a more comprehensive, agile system to complement successful fixed-route transportation options. Micromobility options in the core of campus round out an effective and efficient transportation ecosystem, allowing for freedom of movement (and mode choice) around campus while helping create vibrant and active spaces where students can gather, connect, and build the special communities that characterize the university experience. 

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