A conversation with transit innovators

Hear directly from transit executives about their experiences using microtransit as a new tool within their public transportation systems.

Discussion explores:

  • How microtransit is assisting economic development in cities
  • How to achieve public agency efficiency with private sector principles and partners
  • How taking risks with agency-owned microtransit leads to seeing results

Panelists includes:

  • Henry Li, CEO, Sacramento Regional Transit District
  • Jessica Mefford-Miller, Executive Director, St. Louis Metro Transit
  • Kimberlee Morton, CEO, Norwalk Transit District
  • Robbie Makinen, CEO, Kansas City Area Transportation Authority
  • Josh Cohen, National Director of Policy, TransLoc

APTA 2018 Reimaging Public Transit with Microtransit TransLoc

TransLoc hosted a panel conversation about agency-owned microtransit at the APTA 2018 Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee with (left to right) Josh Cohen, TransLoc National Director of Policy; Kimberlee Morton, CEO of Norwalk Transit District; Henry Li, CEO of Sacramento Regional Transit District;Doug Kaufman, CEO of TransLoc; Jessica Mefford-Miller, Executive Director of St. Louis Metro Transit; and Robbie Makinen, CEO of Kansas City Area Transportation Authority.