We’ve created the most advanced and easiest to use web-based GTFS manager—and it’s free.

Simply put, Architect is a free web application designed to help transit agencies efficiently manage GTFS, but it’s so much more than that. With Architect, you can:

  • Stop using time-intensive manual methods of GTFS management; goodbye Excel!
  • Import your current data, visualize and edit your routes, and export clean data
  • Tackle the complex process of GTFS creation and maintenance with an intuitive map-based platform that anyone can use, from layperson to tech genius
  • Provide riders and developers access to your transit agency’s data


See what people are saying about TransLoc Architect: 

Using Architect has been easier than any other map drawing tool I’ve tried before. I was able to set up our trips, easily fix any stop locations and set up the calendar with ease. Within a week, we had all of our 19 bus routes in the system and an accurate feed provided to Google. We now have a Trip Planner that our riders can use and rely on. With our GTFS finally under control, I can move on to the realm of live data and other tools and mobile applications to further benefit our riders.

– Maria Smith, Marketing Officer, Mountain Line Transit Authority

Just had a demo of TransLoc’s Architect and I am blown away at how intuitive it makes managing GTFS feeds. Psyched to start using.

– Monica Tibbits-Nutt, Executive Director, 128 Business Council & Transportation Planning Consultant to MBTA Advisory Board

Architect's easy-to-use interface allows people to produce an advanced result using a simple tool, and enables nearly any transit enthusiast to solve problems in-house.

– Jaime McKay, Manager of Direct Services, Center for Mobility Equity