Creating Safe Services Solutions For Evolving Transit Needs

Services designed to meet the unique needs of your community during COVID-19 and beyond.

Consider the app that produces 600 Million rides annually to get riders where they need to go. There is no one-size fits all transit program. As a leader in transit program development, our Solutions Engineers conduct thorough analysis and evaluation of service areas to develop unique solutions tailored to your specific community.

What we offer:

  • Consultations with industry experts to ensure safe and flexible operations
  • Data-enabled insights into key performance metrics and logistical measures, including:
    • Ridership efficiencies
    • Cost per boarding
    • Optimal vehicle counts
  • Service-level recommendations, including:
    • Anticipated use-case challenges and possible solutions
    • Near- vs. Long-term service expectations
    • Simulation emulating live service scenarios
Creating Safe Services-1


Advantages of Transitioning to On-Demand Services:

  • Re-utilize existing infrastructure to meet new needs
  • Using demand response to pivot fixed route service
  • Avoiding driver layoffs to minimize community impact of unemployment
  • Drivers are being utilized in new and inventive ways
  • CARE Act funding and the allocation of resources 
  • Service changes and the considerations that are/were being made before making a decision

Optimizing Fixed Route Services:

  • Route planning to increase efficiency
  • Industry leading vehicle tracking and alerts to minimize rider wait time at stops
  • Capacity limiting for safe driver and rider exposure
  • Accessible contact tracing data