A New Trajectory for Transportation Following COVID-19

Studies & statistics on the expected return of ridership following COVID-19, plus learnings from leading transit agencies & campus transportation providers.

As economic recovery mounts, ridership is growing - but with increased ridership, agencies are beginning to experience longer wait times and added pressure on existing services.

While it remains unclear how quickly we can expect a return to normalcy, this white paper explores studies and statistics for expected recovery and presents use cases for designing flexible operations, including: 

  • Best practices for serving increasing ridership with limited resources
  • How to deploy and leverage rapid data analysis to respond quickly & improve service efficiency
  • Tips for simplifying and increasing communication with riders
  • How augmenting fixed route service with on-demand options can improve flexibility, increase coverage, and reduce cost

At its core, great transit is about reliable connection. Whether it’s students riding a bus to class, healthcare workers taking a shuttle to a clinic, or late night employees requesting an on-demand ride to work, transportation is an experience that’s both everyday and essential. The best transit agencies make commutes like these as simple and routine as possible—which meant the coronavirus pandemic has been a once-in-a-generation challenge.

Fortunately, transit agencies proved up to the challenges presented by COVID-19, rapidly adapting their services to meet changing transportation needs. And with more than 76 million Americans fully vaccinated from COVID-19 as of April 2021, cities and communities are on the road to recovery.

Download our free white paper to learn more and begin planning for a full, equitable recovery of your own.

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