Transit surveys are serious business, that's why we're partnering with CJI Research

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Dr. Hugh Clark - CJI Research - TransLoc PartnershipDr. Hugh Clark

Dr. Clark has conducted passenger and community surveys and other studies for public transit agencies since 1980. Dr. Clark holds a Ph.D. in Political Science with specialization in behavioral, cultural, and psychological aspects, and survey methodology.

CJI Research conducts complex surveys in many states and at both the national and local levels. Through CJI Research, Dr. Clark has conducted surveys in-person, by mail, by telephone, online, and in cluster-group settings.

Together, we developed a new method of collecting passenger feedback. And you can, too.

Getting feedback from passengers is a challenging and expensive task for transit agencies, but understanding riders’ wants and needs is an essential part of making transit efficient and effective. CJI Research can help agencies by developing clear, concise rider satisfaction surveys.

Transit agencies will be able to make decisions on the most critical areas of rider satisfaction with the newest component of TransLoc Traveler, Survey.

Surveys can get complicated. Agencies quickly get caught up questions about the process:

“Am I asking the right question?”
“Is this a leading question?”
“How do I interpret the results?”

Overcoming questions like these was a critical component of developing Survey and that’s why we worked with Hugh Clark of CJI Research. All the rider satisfaction questions and scales in Survey were developed by the experts at CJI Research.